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January 12 - Saturn conjunct Pluto 22 degree Capricorn. January 24 - new moon Aquarius 4 degrees square Uranus, conjunct mercury, sextile mars. Feb 9th - full moon Leo 20 degrees trine mars. March 20 - Mars conjunct Jupiter 22 degrees Capricorn. March 23 - Mars conjunct Pluto 24 degrees Capricorn. March 31 - Mars conjunct Saturn 0 degrees Aquarius. April 4- Jupiter conjuncts Pluto 24 degrees Capricorn.

April 8 - full moon Libra square Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter. April 23 - new moon taurus 3- conjunct Uranus. June 21 - solar eclipse Cancer 0 square mars out of sign, sextile Uranus, conjunct NN. June 30 - Jupiter conjunct Pluto 24 degrees Capricorn.

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July 5 - lunar eclipse 13 Capricorn opposite mercury, wide conjunction Jupiter and Pluto, trine Uranus. August 3 - full moon Aquarius square Uranus. August 15 - Uranus retrograde through January 13, August 19 - new moon Leo 26 degrees- sextile North Node. Details here…. The conjunctions of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in provide new opportunities for major transformations in every aspect of our society. This talk will explore what these might be and how it will impact millennial generations and the existing social order.

Discover insights about how to handle the striking Mars retrograde in Aries, and get tips on how to work with the new eclipse cycle, which will bring a New Moon solar eclipse in Gemini and a Full Moon lunar eclipse plus a New Moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius. As the new Pluto chapter plays out against a backdrop of climate change and its accompanying demographic and economic shifts, individual self-expression will have to find new creative forms.

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In this course we will look at two of the most important astrological symbols in the natal chart: the Sun and Moon. Understanding these key symbols is crucial to understanding life themes in the birth chart. Join Kelly Surtees and Tony Howard for a winter astrology retreat that will help you make the most of In this webinar the final webinar in the series , we will briefly explore hemispheric concepts of the Day and Night sectors of the chart. But we will primarily focus on two journeys through the houses based on the originating logic of the meanings of the twelve places: the diurnal motion of the Sun through the sky, clockwise through the chart.

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Why do people want a chart for their baby? It is a newborn child, parents cannot yet see if you are right or wrong.

What can you tell the parent and what not? How about ethics? And how about the psyche of the astrologer? We will both look at difficulties you can face in interpreting the chart itself, and analyze in-depth all kinds of problems and pitfalls. These insights plus solutions will help you to make the interpretation of the chart of a young child a real gift for the parents. Saturn enters Aquarius March 23, heralding a time of challenge and growth for those with planets in Aquarius.

The key to success is facing Saturnian stimulus with resolve and forearmed with knowledge that will help you rise to the challenge instead of buckling under the pressure. What insights can we gain from those times? And what are the gifts these people have contributed to society? In this course we will explore the meaning of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

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Join Tony and students from the 4-year program for a chart-reading intensive. Attendees have the option to attend for 2 days or 5 days.

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The 5-day retreat includes a nature outing along the Deschutes River trail and night sky viewing at a local observatory. In this workshop renowned astrologer and psychotherapist Mark Jones will combine the best of psychology and astrology to offer a transformative vision of how we can understand ourselves and our most important relationships. The astrological houses describe the basic topics of our life journey. Hellenistic astrology provides the conceptual framework that underlies and unifies the diverse meanings of each the twelve.

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This five-day retreat will provide an in-depth exploration of the origins of the houses, their classifications, and meanings as well as document how, when, and why over time some significations dropped out and others were added to the tradition. What criteria can be used to accept or reject new and contemporary meanings for the houses? Astrology is one of the most direct tools to self-inquiry.

cuslymelyjun.tk Why not start your inner journey today! Skip to content. Event Calendar. Upcoming Events. Webinars, online courses, and in-person events, retreats and astrology trainings. Add to Google Calendar. November 20 to December 22,